Adding Elegance Interior

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November 6, 2014
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November 6, 2014

Adding Elegance Interior

Floral prints bring the joy of the outdoors, inside our rooms. Floral designs are delightfully romantic, gentle and would instantly fill a room with floral beauty and butterflies. Luxurious in its simplicity…this palette of delicate colors and uplifting hues will brighten any space. By adding the floral print as the accessory to complement a room will keep to a modern style décor.

At KASHISH FURNISHING you can find efflorescence fabric to use for upholstery, curtains as well as wallpapers. Here, you get to explore a wide collection of floral pattern and texture that will fulfill all your needs for a modern home interior.

By looking on the ongoing trends of floral fabrics and wallpapers…we have decided to gather some of our favorite floral stuffs examples in home decor. Take a look, get inspired, and feel free to check out our site for more interior design fun…


An alternative way to make a big impression with floral prints is through curtains. Choosing a floral print in a single hue is one way to keep your curtains from looking too busy in a room. It also makes it incredibly easy to stick to one color palette. Floral patterns can really uplift the mood of a room and draw in much needed positive vibes.


If you want to update your current décor but don’t want to spend big on furniture or curtains, one of the easiest ways to do that is with pillows. We offer artful contrast of colors and floral pattern to give a bold look to your rooms. Place floral print throw pillows on your bare sofa to spruce up the furniture’s design.


Floral prints can be abstract. So whatever interior design you are into – formal or easy going… you can include floral in your designs and be on trend. We have beautiful selections of floral patterns wallpaper that are removable you can buy, install, and remove when you are in transition to a new home.


Furniture manufacture with floral print fabric is one more way to incorporate this trend in your home. A floral print sofa can bring energy and brilliance into a room’s design scheme. A bold, floral print can be as colorful and refreshing as a bouquet of flowers. There’s an endless supply of furniture with floral print fabric. They range from swanky to playful, and comfy to formal …just remember, to really make them pop, pair with a solid wall colors.

Floral prints can add a lovely feminine and often refreshing feel to your home, we recommend you pick one method for including them. Too many floral prints in one room can fell like an assault on the eyes.

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