Wallpapers Types & Benefits

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November 6, 2014

Wallpapers Types & Benefits

When it comes to interior design, wallpapers are the best solution for the complete makeover of home décor. While furniture is important, but nothing will look right unless your walls are on point.

Wall covering are like magic wands; there colorful patterns and vibrant design can transform boring white washed walls into an art installation.

We bring to you some creative ideas to revamp your homes using wallpapers. We offer a diverse choice of wallpaper collections from floral patterns to brocade patterns, geometric shape to botanical prints.

If you are looking for inspiration, you’ve come to right place. 2020 has a lot in store in terms of décor trends, from new fashion bursting onto the scene to some old favorites with a twist. Here are our top 2020 wallpaper trend picks ahead.

Geometric wallpaper

Geometric wallpapers have been hugely growing in popularity over recent years.

Geometric wallpaper trend is one of our favorites and there’s plenty of patterns for you to choose… geometric wallpaper combines intricate patterns and shapes with contrasting colors to create eye catching prints that will look great in a contemporary home.

Abstract shaped wallpaper

Rather than detailed geometrics, in this year we expect bigger, bolder shapes to take center stage. This eye-catching larger than life decor trends are artistic and unique, bringing personality and an inherent playful vibe into the home.

Botanical wallpaper

With statement leaf prints and natural shades, this lively collection allows you to bring the calm and beauty of nature into your own space. Whether you prefer traditional leafy green tones or something brighter, this bespoke collection offer a new lease of life for your bathroom

Floral wallpaper

These floral wallpapers are going to be your new obsession. For people who believe in minimalist beauty, these floral wallpaper for bedrooms are a perfect choice. Floral are perfect for fall and spring, but regardless of the season the make a dramatic statement. Best of all, our new floral wallpapers are incredibly versatile. Dark, light, mood, whimsical, minimal- no matter what’s your design style you’ll be able to find a pattern that you’ll love.

Ethnic wallpaper

If you are lover and appreciator of traditional Indian art and its beautiful inspired designs, try out this idea of ethnic1 wallpaper for bedroom and watch what wonders it does to the aesthetic appeal of your room. These wall murals with such bold patterns and vibrant colors are best used on a single wall with the other walls printed in a complementing block color.

Wall coverings can be the perfect aid in home renovation project. They not only provide a stylish vibe to any room but can easily hide the small errors of the wall.

Some benefits of applying wall papers

  • Life span and durability:-Wallpaper is durable. A good quality, thick selection can last up to fifteen years.
    You can wipe wallpapers clean, which is godsend if you have kids or pets. It also stands up to wear and tear, so it will survive bumps and scrapes.
  • Imperfect walls:-If yours walls are uneven, wallpapers can hide a multitude of sins. It can be a quick fix .
  • Type of room:-If you have a small room, paint can bring a bright and airy feel and make it feel bigger. If you have a spacious room, wallpaper can bring a element of coziness and make it feel much more homely.

It’s also important to remember that doesn’t work well in rooms that are humid .so don’t use it in the kitchen or bathroom. The steam and water can cause he paper to peel, so it’s best to stick with plaster or tiles for these rooms.

For furthers ways to transform you home throughout 2020, be sure to check out full wallpaper collection at KASHIISH FURNISHING, and to ensure your home is always at the forefront of fashion, keep an eye on our

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